Happy New Year from the Philadelphia Unicycle Club

I wanted to take the time, on behalf of the Philadelphia Unicycle Club, to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year! This past year has been great. Friends have been made, skills have been learned, and most importantly, we all had fun! Hope all goes well! This is the best community ever, so cherish it!
Thank you all,

Have a Happy New Years to you too!

Today I reached my new distance goal, a month and half back I could barely go half a block :stuck_out_tongue:
Now I can go 2.5 miles without dismounting, did this twice today, had a few up steep uphills and downhills and extremely slanted roads. Unicycling till it’s 2014!

Happy new year to you and your club! You are right about this community, it is great. Have a great uni year.

I want a unicycle club!

So do I. I do have a couple of coworker that use to ride. I’m slowly getting them back into riding.

Happy New Year Gang :slight_smile:
I wish everyone a year jam packed with lots of great unicycling adventures :slight_smile:


It took a little time and effort searching on the forums to get all the local riders together and committed! There are people around where you live, but the hard part is finding them! Our club is still a work in progress, but I can say we are all happy where we have come!

I love new clubs! Welcome, the fun is just beginning.