Happy Mode - TRIALS


So I went riding at my cousins place, and had some fun riding trials.

So far i’ve only got Youtube link, but I will post the Vimeo link tomorrow.


I hope you enjoy,


Awesome. Good work on 65 too bad you did’int get it at OUI.

Cool vid Isaac. That is some really high quality for YouTube. You are just cranking out the videos eh? No pun intended.

nice vid!!!

Thanks guys.


Looked like you got a bit higher than those pallets, so maybe if you neatened up your technique or jumped a bit closer you could hit 70?

nice video Isaac ,you will always better:)

Awesome Issac. You used to tell me you were jealous of my hops. You cant say that anymore, your only several inches from my height now. I liked the line at the beginning too. Ive always wanted to try a sloped ladder type thing.

sweet riding as alway isaac!

although you would DESTROY me in street, i want to ride trials with you soo bad. haha, maybe ill get to Canada to a meet once I am driving!!

Sheesh! Isaac is quickly becoming an enviable rider who everyone wants to ride with.

true, almost every video of you was filmed in your driveway! haha

you are improving, good job.