Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas!


Happy Chanukah!

mmmm Holidays own…

This thread is early for x-mas but late for chanukah(I think)



Marwy Chwistmas!


you didn’t mention Festivus in there. What? You don’t support those of us who idolize Seinfeld?

what about kwanza! you bad bad people! Im going to sic the ACLU on you. and what about us atheists? you didn’t mention ‘secular winter solistice giving holiday’ arrgh! :smiley:

This about Kwanzaa

haha thats great. if you didn’t know, i was kidding anyway

Merry Nondenominational Secular Winter Holiday!!

You can’t forget Eid Greetings!

“Praise Allah” - Gilby

Still not politically correct… it’s not winter everywhere in the world right now.

Yeah that’s right :angry:

But have a Merry X’mas from Down Under :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! and a good Shabbis, too!


Merry Christmas from Santa and one of his Reindeer.

This was our Christmas Card photo from 1988. Both these pups are in doggie heaven now. They’re still laughing.


O Christmas Tree
O Christmas Tree
Thy leaves look a lot like crank arms. . . .

Did everyone decorate their unicycle lamp to serve as a festive Christmas tree? Shirley, Gus, and Max did.

Next year, I’m heading out to the tree lot that sells these. They don’t need water, they don’t drop needles, they’re non-marking, and they are completely adaptable to all major holidays. (Wait until you see it on Easter.)

Happy holidays!


107_0762_r1 uni tree_1.jpg