Happy Holidays!! :D

Don’t expect to see any snow in this video. Just me testing out my new video camera that I got for Christmas :smiley:

Please watch in high quality.

the fakie 720 was really insane :wink:

Dude, how you get so good at flat so fast? haha

Picture looks nice, so does your weather;) .

EDIT: Blue Scholars?

That was incredible. Flat was great, fakie seven was awesome. and the quality was good too.

Just wait untill I get me some rollo discs :wink: Yep, Blue Scholars - Motion & Movement.

Edit: Its in the middle of summer over here, there was a heavy rain warning today but luckily someone “up there” remembered it was Christmas and decided to let me test my camera :slight_smile:

wow, the quality looks nice.
and the fakie 7spin was amazing:D

Nice vid, fakie 7spin was great.

I have rollo disks, I just can’t use them till I get the longer bolts:(

Yeah I’ve been hearing about that… NZ prob won’t get them untill all that sillyness is resolved.

nice video, fakie 720 and camera, and the flat was like always wonderfull :D:)

I have my moments on a Koxx hub. so no need for rollos :wink: . They already have more room for the feets.

Hmmm and no ankle bashing??? Sounds good.

I loved it. Fakie 7spin was freaking hot!

And Blue Scholars are tight too. I used them in my last vid. 'Cept mine had snow. :wink:

For the atheists

I think someone “down here” got it wrong.

Nice video.

The flat combos were super-nice.

yo chris, blue scholars are the best.

and seriously it’s crazy how good you are at flat and you don’t even have rollos yet! that’s gonna be insane.

awesome. as usual :smiley:

hey man, nice vids. Love the tunes and the ghetto picnic table

Great video as ussual :smiley:

What makes something ‘fakie’? When they’re riding backwards?