Happy end of year

Yesterday I have finish my Thesis with a 2 hours oral presentation. Big work,
But now I will have more time for Unicycling.

I’m on a good way to one foot riding, FAQ’s help file was a great help !

I have thought one day to try Uni race at the next UNICON, but yesterday, I have
seen Beirne with is dog Dimitri on the home page, and his legs diameter
completely discourage me ! One the begining of 1996, I will be able to send news
from MTT sensation, the UMX group from Grenoble. I will leave from a backcountry
skying trip, so folks, happy Christmas and happy new year, always on the top,
and see you soon…

Philippe QUAGLIA

$$HRComments by roym Fri Dec 22, 1995 – 09:55:48 AM Congratulations to
Philippe! His thesis is quite an accomplishement.

Now Philippe can climb that famous steep road, right out of Grenoble (12 or 15%
slope) on his unicycle.

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to all.

Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee.

Michel Y. Roy roym@dgabby.mfldclin.edu