Happy Birthday

My son turned 10 today and he’s been wanting a Uni. So guess what was waiting for him after school? You bet-ya, a 16" Torker CX. I was concerned that the 16 would be small for him,but it seems to be ok,I guess. The minimum inseam for the 20 is 25",the 16 is set at 23 right now,how does it look,are his legs extended about right looking at the pic? He’s got about an hour of practice so far and has gotten 3-4 strokes so far. He is really pumped,tomorrow is going to be a long day at school,LOL.

Sorry the pic is so big,my photo software is not working and I can’t figure it out.

A little smaller and brighter.


It looks good. But just wait till he gets into trials. :smiley:

Edit: That’s really fast progress. He’s going to be riding in no time.

Thanks Spyder,I was hoping someone would do that for me.

Is that tyre fairly standard? It’s gotta be just slightly bigger? Either way it looks a good size for him. He should be able to get into trials on that one, and try and get him into going to rubber from crank grabs on that one, because then it will be a smaller step when he gets his first 20 inch to have to do that, because some people just mentally stuggle to do it, including me, even though I’m quite sure I have the ability.

Optimised the picture a bit more (and made it smaller) just to show what can be made of superdark pictures. Mike, I noticed from the Exif info, which are still in this smaller picture, that your Toshiba camera’s date is somewhere in 1999.

Klaas Bil

it’s good to see the protective gear right there on the first ride

Not much use if I don’t attach it properly, aye? Here it is for real, I hope.

Klaas Bil