Happy Birthday!...

Shamless self plug. Numerically speaking I am now 19, and stuck inside for another day of my life.

Happy birthday! Do you know how much longer you have to be careful about your neck?

(You’ve made me feel old now, though…)

I go back on the 20th to see how things are. From there I’ll keep you guys posted as to the next time I can ride. Soon enough my Semcycle XL freestyle will be here! Then it’s time to build the MUni.

Happy B-day from all of us in Illinois.

last year as a teenager
last year u can legally raise hell and have no compunction to feel guilty about it at all

Last year as a teenager!?! WHY wasnt I told of this on my 19th b-day a month ago???

Danm I got alot of shit to do still. (watch for flying eggs)

Congrats on the bday but I find being 19 is alot like being 18 the only perk I have noticed is ohh wait I still havent found any. Hope that neck gets better.

Ohh yeah get any cool gifts?? Thats allways B-day perk.

Notice how no one you ever meet is 19. And seems everyone is 18 or 20, maybe this is just a waste of a year in my life? We’ll find out.

enjoy 19 cauze 20 is even worse,based on the fact that you still are not 21.

i got an M.I.P.(minor in possesion) just one month before my 21’st

oh my god i just thought about somthing…i’m 29!!! :astonished:

Re: Happy Birthday!..

Hey, Mary and I just celebrated our 19th anniversary this week. 1983 must have been a great year!



I’ve been 19 a couple of times. the first time was WAY better. Milk it for everything it’s worth.

Re: Happy Birthday!..

Happy Birthday Adam, you crazy youngin’…

19 is the legal drinking age in canada…

Ya, what he said: take the world by the utters and make it go MMOOOOOO!


Nah, 19 was the best yr of my life. I don´t remember much of it though.
Hope the neck heals.
Happy B´day


Vicarious riding

Happy birthday. I decided to take a ride around a nearby office complex at lunch, y’know, so that you could be riding vicariously through me. Sadly, I UPDed and smashed my right foot up a bit. So, vicariously, you smashed my right foot up a bit. Dangit. And here I was just trying to be nice. Some people…

Happy birthday bro!!! I wouldn’t have any info for you to follow since I haven’t been 19, but…hey…have fun. get some cool stuff, whenever somebody tells me that they don’t like birthdays, it is because they buy stuff with their own money and go to work, birthdays are all about laying back and getting free stuff, don’t ever forget that!!! have a good one!

p.s. the age 19 is a conspiracy

Things have started off well. I’ve had 3 female visitors throughout the course of the day, made a good lunch, had some Ben 'N Jerrys ice cream… got a left handed Reeder in the mail, and mom ordered me a helmet… :slight_smile:
Keep you guys posted with the rest of this uneventuful eventful day.

19 is also the legal drinking age in south africa
u can also vote, could (untill a couple of years ago) be conscripted into the army to go see some action in angola, run the very real risk of getting your arse blown off but still not be allowed to see the movie ‘full metal jacket’
and they ask why i think anarchy is such a good idea!?!

19 is a strangish kinda age
it’s like the february of ages
it’s like a tuesday
kinda neither here nor there
unless u decide to use it as a good excuse to live in the moment

Did you turn 19 on the 15th? Because thats when I turned 19 as well! (yesterday here in australia)…
Happy Birthday to us all!!

Happy belated 19th birthday to you.