Happy Birthday to me

42 today.

To some, I’m just a pup.

In response to the others, I really don’t feel a day over 41.

Either way, who would’ve thunk that I’d be acting like a kid again at this ripe old age riding around on only one wheel. Mid-life crisis happened two years ago when I bought my first uni, I bought the sexy, red convertible one. Sure am glad for mid-life crisis!

And in case you’re wondering, yes I was born on a Friday 13th.


Happy Birthday. I hope its swell. If i could id send you some candy but i dont think you’d like old mail candy. Oh well have a good one anyway!

Candy would be great! I’ve not had a birthday cake though for the past 25 years. Mine is a birthday pecan pie. Once upon a time in college, my mother made me two birthday pecan pies to take with me back to college. Both pies were gone in the six hours drive to school. :slight_smile:


!happy birthday Yoopers!

my shameless B-day thread is coming soon too.

Happy Birthday.

I’ve sent you an ice cream cake

I do believe Jagur’s and George Barnes’ B-Days are on the 18th. I think Jagur will be 30 and George will be 21. I just turned 32 a week ago, so I’ve been checking peoples profiles so I could wish them a happy B-Day too.

Mojoe the 32 year old punk

Welcome to the 42 club! I’ve only got exactly two more months left though before I joint the 43 club.

I’ve been waiting to use this card, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

And when you’re done balancing the boys whilst one foot idling, don’t forget to open the card.

trust u had a good one bruce
many more

Re: Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday Bruce. I’ve always been a fan of Friday the 13th - I got
married on Friday the 13th too, and we celebrate every 13th. Today is our
222nd anniversary (just a Little one - Big ones are when the 13th is a
Friday). I’ve thoroughly tested age 42 and found it to be excellent, and I
hope you do too. I checked the calendar and your next Big Birthday is in


“yoopers” <yoopers.h8b0z@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote
> And in case you’re wondering, yes I was born on a Friday 13th.

Happy Birthday!!!



Re: Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday, Bruce!
And welcome to the club!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Happy Birthday to me


OK. Back to whispering now.

– Rick

Oooh, five mystery boxes, I hope no one else got him those as well!

They are five dancing letters that spell out BRUCE
You might be able to get them to show up by right-clicking on each one and selecting “show picture”
If that doesn’t work then right-click on each one, select properties, and copy the URL for the GIF to a new browser window.

After I got them downloaded once by manually opening up the URL for each GIF in a new browser window they showed up in the forum message.

John: Do you always open other people’s presents?!?

Bruce: If you don’t get my cake, John ate it!

That’s okay. In my ancient age, the arthritis won’t allow me to open presents and because my teeth are falling out, I couldn’t eat cake anyway.

Thanks all for the B-day wishes. Who’s next?

The Ancient One.

I think I’m a day or 2 late, but either way, Happy birthday! And have many more!


re: pecan pie!

Every year on my birthday I get one pecan pie all to myself. My birthdays Jan 21, Ill be turning 16. There must be somthing about the cold weather that makes me want pie instead of ice cream cake.
Happy birthday!