Happy Birthday! My uni is one year old

My one year old unicycle has stood up under me, I have lost my “crusher”
reputation I had with mountain bikes. The seat has withstood many falls on
concrete sidewalks and pavement. My previous unicycle, an ancient Norco I found
in my friends basement and took, sits in the corner with a broken axle since it
died and I got the new one. Does anyone know where I can get a new axle?

I have worn off the tread and have to rotate the tire soon. I purposely do some
municipal muni and there are a few good places nearby on and off the mountain.
Lafontaine park remains about the best place in an off-the-street park place to
ride. The lake, the trees, the ravine, a few good short but decently steep
downhills, the world as your audience, what more could an urban refugee want?

It’s a semcycle and happy I am with it. I got the red saddle not for a bit of
flair but so it would match the insides of my thighs after an afternoon of
riding around. ho ho ho Just kidding.

I use it to cruise around the downtown sidewalks and our mountain, mont royal in
Montreal in the Plateau area. A ride between Mont Royal and La Fontaine park is
one of the nicest urban rides anyone could ever hope to do. Obstacles, with
always a slight incline up or down :slight_smile: keep it entertaining. Pedestrian trafic
can be heavy though, and I cannot idle. Uh-oh. There are plenty of “thread the
needle” opportunities for the ever present need for skills development.

It IS cool to make people smile when you confront them with something not in
their usual reality as much as a unicycle is.

Doug Williams Montreal