Happy Birthday Kris Holm

Happy Birthday Kris, we’re both 32 years young today!! :smiley: :wink:

I decided to take off work for Friday and do whatever the hell I feel like doing, hope you get to do the same!

Happy Birthday to both of you cool cats


Happy Birthday you southern fried muni rider.

And you too zod…

Happy Birthday!

oh kris your my hero

Hope both you and Kris have an incredible Birthday…
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

happy birthday to you !


Happy Birthday!

I’d give you candy but I don’t know where you live :frowning:

Happy birthday both of you.


Happy birthday to both yourself and kris, and may your continuing adventures be one-wheeled.


Wish I could think of a comment like that, all I could think of was candy…

So let’s redo it a little:

I’m not sure you want me
to give you a poem like this
for your birthday –
a poem which says I need
to bury myself in the center of your heart
and swim there like a mermaid.

I pretend to do ordinary things like
birthday cards
but all the cells in my body are
throwing a tantrum because
you’re not here with me
even when I open the dishwasher
or the blind
my body is aching because I’m not bending for you
and my skin shouts angrily to the angels
because your hands are not touching me

I am completely crazy
crazy for you
and because it’s your birthday
I try to fold my love
in half to go in an envelope
like an ordinary ‘love from’
but I may as well fold the sky
which for me
is held aloft
only by your kisses.

Yeah, I nicked that of a page…

Once more:


Happy Birthday Kris

Love your videos… when are you coming to Darwin, Australia?

…or Sydney? Our next Australian Unicycle Championship will be in late 2006 in Sydney.



late in 2007 I mean (maybe around October)



Happy Birthday you two. And to celebrate…my new trials comes in from UPS today. YAY!

Yeah, happy birthday!

happy birthday

Happy Birthday Kris!

Know what? Drummer of System of a Down (John Dolmayan) turns 32 today too! Awesome :).



Happy B-day

Do we all get unicycle for your birthday, JK