Happy Birthday Kevin McMullin

Happy birthday man, hope its a good one!

Here’s a toast to the MCmullatron!
cheers man

Happy birthday man!!

Haha, Ya Kevin Happy’s over here for you too man. Dallas and I are getting you something, muhahaha. See you on sunday you cutie guy you.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. We also spent 5 hours breaking the ice at our skatepark yesterday. My back is sore today, lots of work, all for you. lol. So we have a park to ride at.
We’ll be there for like 6 hours today too :(. lol

Happy birthday, Kevin!

Shaun: It may be tough, but I think it’s necessary to brake the ice if you don’t want to fall short of a good ride/friendship. Unlol.

Break what Ice my friend? As far as I know Kevin and I are cool. If he’s pissed with what i’ve said then I’ll gladly explain my angle to him in person, and at least we’ll fall on a natural agreement to accept what i’ve said. We’re doing a lot of work over here so the places are badass to ride, to show Kevin an awesome time. The weather is usually crappy over here (not this week), so we’re prepping the areas for the nice weather. Sun can’t always do it alone.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. (Usually unlol, will just be replaced with, nothing)

I was only attempting at making a funny. Sorry I failed.

Make a gnarly movie with Kevin.

happy birtday man, !:smiley:

Sorry Ivan, I feel bad now. I thought you were saying something about prior and the other thread. Sorry man.


-Shaun Johanneson

No problem. Unicycle hard!

Oops, didn’t see this thread, I said happy b-day to kevin in the luke blind flip thread. Today’s my birthday too, to bad I can’t go drunk unicycling with anyone on my bday =(

Happy birthday mate, I hope your girlfriend spoils you

Even though I don’t know either one of you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Kevin!!

-Kaori and me talking on the phone

Happy B’Day!:smiley: