happy birthday just one wheel!

happy birthday adam! hope you enjoyed the day at cirque! some shots i took of you to check out!


your wife/photographer/nurse!!:stuck_out_tongue:

cirque 002r.jpg


cirque 011r.jpg


cirque 019r.jpg

Wow that looks way too fimiliar, probably because I used to ride all the time by the cirque tent when I was working in the VIP in Pittsburgh.

Looks like fun timesb and Happy Bday

Happy Birthday! What a great wife.:smiley:

I was wondering why he was talking about himself like that. Happy birthday.

My Wife Renie

Thanks! I did’nt think she knew how to post. :astonished:

Renie makes sure I am always having FUN ON ONE!!
There is NO BETTER!

Hope you had a great B’day! Nice pics Renie!

Great pictures guys. That really looks like fun. I KNOW you had a great time in the VIP tent and at the show. You forgot to mention Lucy Dogs birthday. She also turned 2. Did she finish that 36" Bully Stick I gave her? She should have had plenty of time while you where at the show.

It’s funny how the people in the second picture are paying you no mind. Whats so special about a unicycle in front of a circus tent?