Happy Birthday JC!

Being the first thread I can remember starting, I hope this fits in here.

It’s John Childs’ birthday today (technically in an hour, July 13th), and I wanted to create a huge e-card via the forums.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear John, happy birthday to you!


Happy Birthday JC!!!

You Da (old) Man!

How’s it feel to be breathing down 40’s neck?

Quaffing a cold Sierra Nevada in your honor…

_/ ahh…

Happy Birthday!

I’m going to give myself a muni ride for my birthday. :slight_smile:
And then a Coker ride and then another Coker ride and then a big Coker ride. I’m easy to buy for.

your eternal health and wellbeing sir
i’ll go find a pint of guinness after work this evening

check your mail


Happy Birthday John, I will certainly be quaffing some of the extra-cold variety in your honour this evening.


Happy Birthday, John!


A fellow Cancer… Happy Birthday John!

Are you going to NAUCC this year?

What’s more, a fellow 13 July’er. Happy Birthday JC!



Happy birthday! And may you never have another UPD!

Another is my Andrea. 14 today. JC and KB, if you want to party there’ll be about 30 teens at our place tonite.

Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday! I know I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts here - always a new insight! For your birthday I … er. I passed level five! :D:D

enjoy the Coker rides!

JC, nice to meet you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I’ll drink myself to death because it’s your BIRTHDAY!

Happy birthday!

And have fun riding

Happy birthday to the King of Loctite!

Don’t pass up that nice offer for a house full of teenage girls…

Happy Birthday to you
You use Loctite like glue
You ride unicycles
And you fix them all, too.



I’ve never heard you sing before. Your voice is quite amazing. Tell me the truth, you’ve done this before, haven’t you?


He was lip synching. If you watched closely, you would have noticed that his adam’s apple never moved.

Happy Birthday, John Childs.