happy birthday Jagur ,your account has been suspended!

Happy Belated Birthday.

What ever happend sucks. I hope it was a glitch or accident.

You’re still here and here.

Oh man, the good old days with sendfairy. So whatever happened to Sendhair?

I temporarily disabled Jagur’s account because he seems to not want to listen to the rules. I have told him in the past that he should not reply to spam and that he should hit the “report to moderator” link to report spam. Jagur replied multiple times to a spam message on Saturday and I sent him a PM to ask him to not do that again. I temporarily disabled his account until he would agree to not do that again, but while disabling his account, he didn’t see that message.

In any case, if you ever see spam on the forums again, please click the “report to moderator” link so that the quickest action can be taken to remove it from the RSU forum.

As far as Jagur’s account goes, I still expect to hear from him that he will agree to not reply to spam and to use the report link, but I have enabled his account again. While his “acting out” regarding the spam may have been because he wants to get his moderator status back, I doubt that I will make him a mod any time soon. There really has not been much spam recently any ways, so that task doesn’t need as much attention and this forum doesn’t really require moderation.


I think sofa called that one

I’ve been guilty of replying to spam before, and I got the PM about what to do in the event of spam from Gilby too. It’s kinda funny looking at the offending spam thread (which contains Jagur’s last posts) after investigating Jagur’s profile. It’s a lesson for us all not to disobey a webmaster in his own domain. I’m not going to reply to spam again in a hurry!

jagur's profile.jpg

ooops. I am very guilty of the same charge. Sorry Gilby.

with jagur’s fate back in his own hands, i’ll get off my high horse and start irri…posting again

I read all the way through this thread to see if it was a simple account problem. :angry:

After reading the reply from Gilby I know why Jagur didn’t just send him an email asking why he was locked out. He already knew!

Free speech exists, but not here. Somebody has to do lots of work to build and maintain this forum, not to mention pay for it. It’s his world. For people who want to be anarchists, they shouldn’t complain if they only do it partway. They need to build their own roads (or trails), creat their own communications systems, form their own governments, etc. You know what I mean.

Is this still an RSU post or did it get moved to rec.sport.government? Just kidding John.

I’m going to kick it over to rec.sport.helpdesk

Seriously though from a helpdesk standpoint lets all just remember that Jagur is a “user” and sometimes “users” mess up. Believe me there are plenty of times I’ve wanted to use the Staff of Correction (large stick in corner of my office) on “users” but I have to remember that not everyone understands the ramifications of their actions. So what if Jagur did that to try and get his admin privs back. At least he wants to help and be an active particpant of this community.

This forum is more than just another forum on the internet. I’ve met a lot of people who post here in person because of it. Heck I got to ride with Nathan and Beau Hoover this weekend because of this forum. I feel priviledged to be part of the community. Since many of us have met each other or will very likely meet each other someday, it makes it more personal when someone lays down a heavy hand. Maybe the same was true for Gilby. Maybe the repeated warning to Jagur felt more personal because he has met Jagur in person. Maybe not. I appreciate everything Gilby does for this community and I am going to send him a long due note offering what Web/PHP/MYSQL/CMS skills I have. Lets just make sure that NONE of us forget that when we post, for the most part, it’s to REAL people rather than the typical pseudo magical internet robot just words on a page forum user.

Just something to chew on.


Re: happy birthday Jagur ,your account has been suspended!

On Tue, 20 Jan 2004 13:20:49 -0600, johnfoss
<johnfoss@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> wrote:

>Somebody has to do lots of work to
>build and maintain this forum, not to mention pay for it. It’s his

I would give Gilby lots of credit for what he does, but the above
takes it too far IMHO.

  • Gilby doesn’t HAVE to do lots of work. We could all still be using
    the newsgroup (and miss out on a lot of nice features, I admit).
  • While Gilby initially pays for it, he has mentioned that the site
    pays for itself and a little more.
  • And HIS world? I’m just glad that Gilby doesn’t have that attitude.
    It’s our world / community. And Gilby does a very fine job
    facilitating it.

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