happy birthday Jagur ,your account has been suspended!

today is my 31st birthday and it seems that the gift i have received from RSU is a suspended account…?

i can no longer post as “jagur” nor can i get into my Private Messages! ive got alot of serious information stored in there,addresses/phone numbers etc.I HAVE THAT INFO NOWHERE ELSE!!! as a matter of fact it wont let you PM me at that account anymore anyway,go ahead and try.WTF…

i was never warned or notified this was going to happen,i just woke up in the morning,logged on and got taken out by a sniper!

if you dont want me to post here anymore or have a problem just tell me so i can at least gather my crap that i have saved for 2 and a half years in my user cp.

congrats John you are now the RSU post leader.everybody go and check the top 10,as you can see my three-thousand six-hundred an forty-nine posts never happened. (3649)

What the

Thats bull honkey we cant just send our #1 poster and parts tester/ trader out in the cold like that.

Someone call gilby or the ghost busters and get them on the case.


If jag cant post I wont either

GASP!! There has obviously been some error. They can’t get rid of jagur! And Chex too? my day is ruined.

I’ll be watching… I hope its a mistake.

Not jagur! where will we get our ddaily dosage of rainy oregon sarchasm. Seriously not cool.

Happy Birthday Jagur, pity about the account being suspended. I’m fairly sure your three-thousand six-hundred and forty-nine posts did happen, because I clearly remember reading many of them, perhaps a thousand or more. Gives you a chance to post with your other personalities that were being neglected. I hope you can get access to your info. Gilby should give you back access as a birthday gift. Maybe it was a random technical error since the post count has never been so high before.

Hmm… shouldn’t be this is V Bulletin, it’s meant to handle much more posts than that. Technically he should be able to go forever without any problems. Well as far as MySQL’s digit string lasts for, but that should be way to huge to worry about.

More likely to be some modification that’s been installed to send a PM on someones birthday, but some stupid guy who submitted it secretly just made it delete the person. Now that would be one real big dickhead… lol. Wouldn’t be too hard to disguise it as a simple bithday mod though. That would really cause some chaos on some sites, lol.

Happy birthday, Jagur. 31 is a prime number.

would i be rite to suspect that there is a certain moderator involved in the banning of Jagur, perhaps as some sort of birthday prank? i have no basis for this suspision but i just though i would throw it out there…

Well, It is permanantly recorded in my memory. Yes it is true from now on I will never forget Jagurs birthday. You happen to share your Birthday with my Mom. She passed away a couple of years ago, so I always remember her birthday now. More out of concern for my sister. She was really close to my Mom, and took her death as hard as anyone could w/o doing themselves in. So I make sure I call her if she doesn’t beat me to it. Which she did today. I waited to call her till after 12:00pm my time since I wanted to be sure she was up. ANyway she beat me to it, and we talked for 90 minutes.
Anyway the point is, I read this post and was so focused on the fact that Jagur was banned for some unknown reason that I missed the fact that it was the 18th and my moms Birthday as well.

Re: happy birthday Jagur ,your account has been suspended!

Bring back Jag!!!

Happy Birthday Jagur!
It stinks that you can’t post anymore. If you can’t post, then, well, I’ll keep posting anyways. With you out of the way, maybe I can get into the top 10… :smiley:

Of course, my birthday is coming up in 4 days, so we’ll see if I can still post…

Uh oh, unicyclist.com moderators or whoever is at fault you just made a big mistake. You just pissed off a scrawny white dude with an attitude. I’m will fight, for jagurs right, to pooooosssssssssst.

You best not be messin with me. I’m a boy on the edge, and im teetering towards insanity.

Re: happy birthday Jagur ,your account has been suspended!

On Sun, 18 Jan 2004 23:03:50 -0600, harper
<harper@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> wrote:

>Happy birthday, Jagur. 31 is a prime number.

Yes happy birthday jagur. I noticed that 3649 (your post count) is the
product of two primes, i.e. 41 and 89. Also, 36 and 49 are consecutive
squares of whole numbers. Maybe harper knows if any of this is

If ‘jagur’ remains dead, you will have to forget_your_life. Lol.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I have a feeling you might need two points of contact with the ground for such a thing to work? Or at least training wheels on the front and rear. - John Foss commenting on a picture of a one-wheeled vehicle he saw on RSU.

happy d’day jagur!
u share it with janis joplin
now i’ll never forget your b’day either

i’m with chex
if jag can’t post, i wont either

You know, there are many many people who won’t post if Jagur can’t post. Of course, they won’t post even if Jagur does, so it doesn’t make that much different.


we’re trying to take a stand and make a point here
being clever about it isn’t going to help

making me post again isn’t really helping either…


Happy Birthday, Jagur!
I am sure you can be reinstated soon. Just apologize to whomever it was you offended. …On second thought, this could be tough. :smiley:

Janis Joplin Rocks.

OH MAN. I’m sure Jagur’s account is just a mixup… RIGHT???

I mean come on, if you think about it, the infamous sendfairy only got sent to the spam bin. I’ve yet to this day seen anyone post anything as offensive as that.

Happy Birthday Jagur (late)

I’ve got Yahoo back up at home.