Happy Birthday Harper

Happy birthday Greg,

If all owners of TWNR could please help Greg unwrap his present…

Go to Ride notes, go to UW36 previous button but do not click it.

Press down, now press enter.

Happy Birthday!

Lol! Very good Brian, very well hidden :p… How many more Easter Eggs are there in TWNR to find?


have one happening birthday you sexy thing you…


Still having birthdays? What are you, some sort of fanatic?:stuck_out_tongue:
happy birthday.

Like a fine wine, you become sexier as you age.

Happy Birthday you sexy beast, you.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Haypp Biyrthda

Have a great day !

Happy Birthday Mr Harper, Put that beauty in high gear and cruise on!

(nice surprise Brian! :smiley: )

That is absolutely the only one.

Happy Birthday- unicyclists only get better with age.


Outstanding taste in photography. No wonder you were so anxious for me to acquire this video gem.

The Seattle Area Riders (SARS is an appropriate acronym) celebrated International Harper Day for the second year in a row and rode the Iron Horse Trail from Hyak to Olallie State Park. We had ten Cokers and three bicycles…all with riders. Pete Perron (Coker) and his wife Suzanne (bike), Bruce Dawson (Coker) and his wife Helen (bike), George Pendergast (Coker) and his father Scott (bike), along with Tom Jackson, Tom Blackwood, John Childs, Steve DeKoekkoek, Jan Bunger, Jeff Sloan, and myself all on Cokers. I will post photos and short video clips in the gallery with a link to the folder when I can.

Thanks to all those folks for making my birthday ride so much fun on such a gorgeous day. Due to Helen’s dilligence, now many more people know about IHD as she goaded them to salute me as we rode by. Thanks also to both Bruce and Helen for keeping this celebration international.

Re: Happy Birthday Harper

Aaaarg! My eyes!

Happy Birthday Harper.
Was a fun ride. Too bad most of us are starting to forget bits and pieces of the ride. Seems we had a case of group senility that medical science cannot explain.

Happy Birthday Harper. In honor of IHD I went out and road 31 miles on my Coker.

I’ve had a bunch of beers for you, ol’ buddy

My photos and a poorly compressed compilation of all the video I took are in THIS GALLERY ALBUM . Lots of folks were taking photos and I hope they will post links to them here.

We started out today believing there was a 50% chance of rain and the weather turned out to be beautiful. George is usually late but showed up early and even brought his dad. Not to let us begin to expect this behavior, he dropped one of his cranks before the ride started so we had to wait for him to reattach it. His dad tried out BlueShift before we ferried the cars up to Hyak.

This ride, we made it through the tunnel with no UPD’s. This must be a first. I got to use the train whistle that the Blackwoods gave me and then got to listen to a breathtaking rendition of “Happy Birthday” in the tunnel in the dark. It brought tears to my eyes…no…that was the condensation from the roof.

We missed Steve Howard this trip who had to bail at the last moment. He was sorely missed as were Marie and Miles Blackwood. But I did get cake and candle. Jan provided a Hostess cupcake with a singing candle. I ate it in one bite. Bruce and Helen gave me root beer, Tom Jackson gave me a red bell pepper, and JC made brownies.

Pork city. Good ride. Good friends. Next year I’ll be too senile to plan it so Blackwood will take over…yeah, sure.

I’ve put my photos in a gallery: International Harper Day 2005 by JC
We may want to organize and put all photos in one gallery just so we don’t have to hunt around several different galleries.

I haven’t done any editing or selecting of the photos. Just a quick upload to the gallery. It needs to be cleaned up. I did recompress them to make them smaller and more upload/download friendly.


I am glad you had a great birthday ride, Greg.

I rode 30 miles and had a few beers also.
It was the least I could do for my buddy Harper, and I wanted to do the least I could do. :wink:


It would have been a little less to have shown up and brought Gruss with you. Make it next year, Scott.

That would be awesome. Yes we will try for next year. Jerry is pretty easy to talk into doing things.

I just realized I didn’t see your name on the CMW list! You will be there, won’t you?

I have a conference to attend on Long Island at Brookhaven National Lab that interferes with CMW and I have my priorities wrong. I will be visiting the Unatics at that time.