Happy Birthday Dave Lowell!

I believe it is now (1/18) officially Dave Lowell’s Birthday, so I’d like to be the first person on the forum to wish Dave a Very Happy 40th Birthday… so here goes:

Happy 40th Birthday, Dave!!!

You’ve made amazing progress on that MUni in your 30’s… I’m sure you’ll do even better now that you’re in your 40’s! Have a great time in Cleveland this week! (I hope I didn’t reveal any secrets… but Dave’s going to Cleveland tomorrow so he can get some more practice in before Brian’s video release/ride party and then make us all look like amateurs in February :D)!

You are a day and quite a few hours late of his Birthday, and my thread.

Happy Birthday Dave Thread HERE

Nice thought, but be sure to check JC for these things, it’s where they belong.

Ooops! I guess I really should read “JC” once in a while, rather than “RS” almost exclusively! And I have a bad memory, too… I’m batting 1000! Well, Happy Belated Birthday, Dave. Sorry about that. It’s the thought that counts, right?