Happy Birthday Dan H.

I wanted to be the first to wish this over the internet. (Hopefully I still am.) Happy Birthday Dan! Thanks for starting the hype with unicycling in U1 and keeping it going with U2 and Defect. If it wasn’t for you I know I wouldn’t be where I am now, I wouldn’t even be riding anymore. Thanks man.

-Shaun Johanneson

happy birthday big guy… thanks for rockin!!!


happy birthday mister dan, happy birthday to u lol

Happy Birthday Dan

happy birthday dan!

you and your movies rock!!!

Happy Birthday! Eat cake! :sunglasses:

Happy birthday dude.

Happy B-day.

Happy birthday to you!!

Happy birthday to you!!!

Happy bithday dear dan!!!

Happy birthday to you!!!

Happy birthday Dan!

I hope your b-day rocks as much as your riding and your movies do!


Happy Birthday!


Happy B day ! here’s to pushing all limits people had set for unicycling ! This sport owe’s you big!

today is my b-day to so happy b-day to both of us

Happy Bday dude keep the good stuff coming

haha, can i have a peice?

happy b’day… i dunno if it’s still your birthday coz i’m i a different time zone, but stay single, keep it wheel.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (a day late)

how old are you

happy birthday sir… GET WASTED

here ya go