Happy 30th Birthday to John Foss's Schwinn Giraffe!


“I bought my Giraffe unicycle 30 years ago last Thursday. It was the first unicycle I owned.” - John Foss


Well I believe a Happy Birthday observance is in order!

So a unicycle isn’t born until it is purchased?

Maybe they should have a “Born On” date stamped on them.

Do KH frames have serial numbers stamped on them?

My Giraffe says thank you! Not really, but it doesn’t know how to talk. It’s just hanging there, upside down. I would take it out for a ride, but it’s dark outside. Call me a wuss. Here’s a picture of it back in the early days…

I’d think of it as an adoption date. Imagine your first unicycle purchase is a new Giraffe. 30 years later you still love unicycling and you still have the giraffe. Pretty cool milestone I’d say!

I just bought a Schwinn Giraffe and I plan on keeping it until I’m dead. It was first adopted in 1981.

I just spent about 20 minutes trying to find some nice pictures of my Giraffe. One was a tiny old scan; not worth uploading. The other kept generating errors so it wouldn’t upload either. :frowning:

Anyway, nobody cared about my Giraffe until the day I bought it. Up until then it was “inventory”. I kept the receipt. :slight_smile:

I’ll try to upload some pictures if this thread doesn’t die first. Right now I’m working on Unicon pictures! To see what’s been uploaded, keep an eye on this page:

Nice photo’s. I like this one: http://gallery.unicycling.com/Travel/New-Zealand-4-Christchurch/11208424_EZWbY#785896275_DirLv and this one: http://gallery.unicycling.com/Travel/New-Zealand-4-Christchurch/11208424_EZWbY#785896246

None of my KH frames have serial #'s. My Torker DX however does.

View from the saddle, circa early 80s:


In Singapore, 1994. Yes, those were the days, when style was style, and when people were willing to pay me to do that in cool places. Cool, that is, in terms of being interesting and fun. Singapore is anything but cool on the thermometer; super-humid! But I’d love to go back someday…

Great photo!

I like the shot from the saddle. I would have never thought of that.