Happy 10th Anniversary Unicycle.com!!

Dear fellow unicyclists:

Thank you for ten great years! Unicycle.com was launched on March 31, 1999. We had a humble beginning, but we had big dreams. John and I assembled our first unicycles on our living-room sofa! Over the years, we have partnered with other unicycling enthusiasts in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceana, and Unicycle.com is now probably the largest retailer of unicycles in the world. And there’s more to come!

To celebrate this milestone, we have donated unicycles, safety gear and training material to Boys & Girls Clubs of America locations in Chicago, Los Angeles and Newark. Part of their mission is to provide a safe environment that fosters learning and personal development. Unicycling is an upscale activity that will surely bring years of enjoyment to the boys and girls.

We believe in giving back to the community that supports us, and we will continue to support unicycling events. We’ve donated unicycles and safety gear to clubs for fundraising events and for door prizes. We’ve supported the Unicycling Society of America and the scholarship fund that bears its name.

Our new website will go live within a few weeks, and we’re really excited about it! Once we announce that it is available, we will ask you to browse the site and send feedback.

Congratulations to Rolf Thompson and his family for a successful 10th Moab MUnifest. John said it was the best one he has attended. We owe the Thompson family our gratitude for all the time and effort invested in bringing us together year after year. Thank you, Rolf!

Josh Torrans, general manager of Unicycle.com, announced at Moab that we’re planning a series of sales. That begins tomorrow, April 1. Look out! Here it comes!

Thanks again for your support during these exciting ten years. You are the reason our company exists, and we look forward to serving you for a lifetime.

Happy 10th Birthday! I’ve been shopping with you guys since 2002, and have never had anything less than a completely satisfactory experience. Keep up the good work.

Congratulations UDC! And thanks for all those efforts and years working to bring unicycle products for us!

Hope to see UDC around here soon too :wink: And keep up this awesome job! I hope to celebrate the 20th, 30th and many birthdays as possible!


Happy Birthday unicyle.com thank you for your many years of service!

As a happy customer since the very beginning, I have to say Congratulations and THANKS for all you have done for Unicycling. It was great to see John, Josh and all the boys at Moab, and I hope Casey recovers quickly.



I remember when I ordered my first unicycle from you guys, and you provided excellent customer service!


Happy Anniversary!

Happy 10th, Amy, John, and all.

Congrats on the 10th, wish you several decades more.

Long live the Unicycle!

Happy Birthday and Congrats! Thanks for all that you do to the unicycling community. Here’s to another successful 10 years!

unicycle.com, what can I say? the best unicycle shop ever is about right.

Happy Anniversary, Congratulations on such a Success!

Hello Amy and John,
You are my hero’s, to have broken out of 9-5 work into such a great entrepreneur lifestyle. Thank you for providing unicycle innovation, high quality, good value and the great personal care. Hope you, family and the global team are well. You are the best!


Happy Anniversary! It took a lot of courage and commitment to build UDC from that tiny beginning into what you have today. The unicycling could could never have grown the way it has without you.



Ten years! Wow, makes me try to remember how long ago I started riding.

I met a former emplyee of yours, Cory. He said he was thirteen when he worked with you in Atlants building unicycles, this was back when you worked out of the house and had a big storage building to keep all the product.

He lives in Knoxville now. He told me he never learned to ride, so of course I had to coerce him into trying mine :slight_smile: He did get up and ride a little. He was really suprised when I told him how well you had done and how the gear had improved.

Congrats and thanks for the Ti hub on sale :slight_smile: