Happier comments

I’m not in a completely bad mood today (in spite of the earlier posting on
Miyatas). Some good unicycling things have happened. I bought a cycling computer
for my 28" Unicycle Factory uni. My first idea was to make it detachable, so I
could remove it from the post and hold in my hand when I want to look at it. In
the end I decided that having loose cable flopping around would cause it to
break over time, so in the end I clamped it to the post. This works OK, though,
because I can lean over and see the speed, which is in big numbers on my
computer. If I need to see other facts I have to get off, but this isn’t a
problem. I just tested it by riding two miles to Radio Shack, and it worked
well. I found out that my average speed is 8.3 mph, and the top speed is about
12.2 mph. I’ll have to work on raising these.

I’ll say another positive thing while I am at it. My Miyata came with Jack
Halpern’s book “Anyone Can Ride a Unicycle”. For the material it covers it is
the best book on unicycling that I have read, and I have read all general
unicycling books available. It is full of common-sense advice on learning to
ride, and to learn additional skills. It is too bad that the book is not
available without the Miyata.


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