Happier about Miyata

I’m happy with my Miyata Deluxe now, so I figured I’d say some good things since
I grumbled so much before. I ended up doing two things to fix its shortcomings.
After the quick-release broke from me trying to tighten it enough, I went and
got a simple knurled bolt and nut. The flat wrench that came with the Miyata
fits it fine, so it is still easy to adjust out on the field.

I also found a skateboard shop and bought a sheet of grip tape for the fork
tops. I went out today and practiced riding one footed, and it was much nicer.

BTW, I bought about 1-1/2 square feet of grip tape, which should last me for
about 50 unicycles. If anyone wants some, write for my mail address and send me
a SASE and I’ll send some to you.


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