Hangout vid or highlight film?

All right, Tomorrow will have a lot of filming involved. I was wondering if you’ld rather see a highlight film (just all riding to music) or a hangout vid (All the same shots that would be in the highlight film with extra shots of just hanging out and how the day went, also to music, talking involved, and whatnot, more home “E” video) Hang out vid would be longer and you would see what it might be like to hang out with us in this area, as well as some shots of some hott girl unicycles, lol (My girlfriend, Dallas’s Girl, Jerad’s Girl, Keaton’s Girl) It could be cool. I’ll probably do both, but just interested. When I watch uni vids I always kinda want to see the personality come through of the rider. Thanks for your time.
-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Doubleflip sex change hot or not?

I would love to see everyone hanging out, all the other cids i see are just the highlights of there riding and the wrecking, but to see avid where everyone is haning out having fun will make it more like how i and pretty much everyone else here rides; you know… all just haning out, having fun, laughing, trying new things =p

Hmm. I say hot.


if its not too much trouble do both and then people can download whichever suits their bandwidth and download limit.



btw doubleflip sexchange = HOT

I don’t know what you are asking… You’re gonna make the video…awesome! I dunno, I guess it just seems a little odd asking something like if you should include hanging out or not. Make it however you want! I always enjoy seeing what new tricks you’re creating Shaun, but I don’t see a need for a thread like this. The last few months whenever I’ve checked RSU I see threads that seem more like a chat conversation. Rec.Sport.Unicycling is probably the single most connection for unicyclists all over the world to communicate. If we can help it, let’s try to cut out the fat. It just makes all the good stuff more cluttered and harder to find. If you stick with quality, not quantity it will seriously help out everyone that reads this thing. Think about it if there was a lot less of the not-worth-sending-out-to-thousands-of-unicyclists threads, and more of the interesting, relevant discussion we love oh so much. I know I would check RSU more often and participate more.

I’m not trying to be rude or mean, and I’m not just directing this at you Shaun. I think if everyone just thought a second longer before hitting that “submit” button, it would tidy things up around a bit. It’s always good to do a little cleaning :slight_smile:

Having said that, make a video with hanging out stuff. But make sure you don’t do too much. Just have it compliment the riding part of it. If you get the combination it’s most enjoyable to watch.



I agree with Jester2000, every day there’s like 30 new threads in this place. I read it quite a lot I just don’t post much. If you’ve been away for a few days you have to search through pages to find a thread you had been following, like the trick request one. Move some of the general chat to the conversation section, that’s what it’s for.

Hope this doesn’t cause any offence I know I’m not a ‘long-term member’, probably not even a ‘short-term member’, and I’m grossly unqualified to comment. It’s not aimed at anyone in particular as Jester said, just a general observation.

Do what you want with the video, let your creative juices flow.(that almost sounds dirty - haha)

Cheers boys(and girls) love your work


hangout vid fer shur…and double flip sexchange=hotness.

Seconded on both accounts.

If you’re looking for threads you are subscribed to, then go onto your User CP, they will still be there. It’s alot faster and it solves the problem that you seem to have with over use of the forum

As for shaun’s vid, I agree with the general concensus. A hang out vid, as has been already mentioned, would give us an opportunity to see a more personal side of the rider, would add abit of fun to the vid too.


More like a comprimise between the two, not so much ‘hanging out’ but more…sortof personal shots of riders…or something like that.

damn, I want that vid! :slight_smile:

(not really a constructive post, but whatever ;))

when can we expext to see this hot new vid of yours shaun?

Wasnt the vid supposed to come out yesterday?

Eh, i bet its worth the wait though =p

i knew it wouldnt come out yesterday cuz they were filming it all day yesterday…so hopefully tonight or tommorow. CANT WAIT TO SEE IT THOUGH!!!

Sorry guys but im not sure its on. Lets wait for what shaun says though…


Niice thats cool.



Sorry about the delay nothing went down yesterday. We’re turning the thursday vid into a spring break vid (we only get 4 days :(), haha. Some good stuff going down so I hope everything is good for everyone. Hanging out ness won’t be that great, sorry. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

so ur telling me i have to wait a whole nother week to see you guys in action!?!?!?! i cant wait that long.

Not the whole next week. Just till about Monday or Tuesday or so.


im burning just thinking of them.

i vote hang out vid