Handy rails.

About to go out and try and conquer my first hand rail. I think it is a 5 set or so. This should make for an interesting day. Wish I had a camera man around.

Well, wish me luck!!

Good luck my friend, Hope it works out for you. :smiley:

I’ve wondered what would happed if I tried to pedal grab on the rail when I was jumping down a 5 set. well good luck! :slight_smile:

have u gotten any previous grind experince…
u sound like my friend…first hand rail was a 5set,then a 9set…and its only gotten bigger…

Rail session was put on hold do to girlfriend.:o
Hopefully I can get there tomorrow, sometime between work, doctors, and sleep.

i hate it and love it when you cant ride for that reason…

I have done some grinding. What I find hard is momentum, I realy dont like grinding flat stuff as it feels sloppy and slow to me.
I have an abundance of experince with rails on a snowboard, so I am not scared of falling farward or backwards. I’m pretty sure I should be able to get the grind by my 3rd try. Thanks to gravity I wont have to roll in to fast.

you dont have to go in real fast but dont go in too slow either…the worst part is if a rail is sooo long is all the speed u catch at the bottom of the rail…
i was trying my first hand rail and i had to make sure i didnt go too slow or too fast…

im going to try my first hand rail soon. probs on the weekend.
should get it. its only a 4 stair.

I hope you achieve it my friend. Good luck. :smiley: