Does anyone else’s fingers hurt when they do alot of hopping?

My middle one always hurts hmmm

Im bored this is the best post i could come up with lol

No problems with my fingers, but I’ve been getting a lot of wrist pain lately. I think it repetetive strain syndrome. So, I’ve started riding switch, which feels a bit awkward and tricks are much more difficult, but I’m getting better.

The hand I hold the saddle with when hopping, the wrist on that hand cracks pretty loud if I rotate it around the furthest point of stretching.

Yeah my wrists are doing that aswell so im takin a break for today lol just recovered from a bad foot sprain lol still hurts a bit but im taking it easy haha.

You’re learning jump mounts and you’re getting injuries like that already? Boy, you’re one sissy girl.

I’ve also got problems with my foot, btw. It’s been hurting for a few weeks now. But it’s getting better slowly.

stretch your fingers backwards before you ride. do the same with your thumb.

I’ve got blisters on me fingers (was it ringo who said it?)from grabbing the handle, but only a few, so they don’t stop me too much

There is another thread going on right now that will solve your problem. I need some gloves

I’v raced motocross pretty much my whole life so I have calluses on my fingers palms and thumbs, I also have some pretty strong wrist from riding so much. All my joints are fairly strong from riding so long, but then again I’m not the most flexible person.

All this makes riding unicycles for me that much easier which I am fairly glad to have as an advantage over most people. If you are having problems with your wrist’s and ankles I can give you some advise on which ankle and wrist braces are available and actually provide excellent support.

But as for the fingers hurting so much…you just have to tough it out until you develope calluses of your own…although on a girl that’s not very attractive, but have at it!

using a good glove can help with the fingers but i fell some wrist pains too

I just got the kh fusion freeride thinking it wouldn’t hurt my fingers so bad, because before I had a saddle without a handle so I always cut myself on the bolts. But I’ve noticed with the kh saddle I keep getting calluses on my fingers which doesn’t bother me, but if I don’t take a break from riding they end up ripping and the skin falls off, so that hurts pretty bad. I’ve started riding with gloves from the local bike store and they’re starting to improve.


When I started jumping I got a wicked callous on the side of the knuckle of my pinky. It was so thick that it caused flexibility problems witht he finger. I also got some pains in the joint of that finger. I then started using gloves with long fingers and it took care of everything. No more callous and no more pain.


bah just wear a glove.

kh pulse gloves are recomended but in this heat atm i’d really prefer some lighter gloves.

My middle finger hurts too… but its from jamming it after i fell from a 180 gap to a tractor seat off a picnic table :roll_eyes: