what am i supposed to do with my hands while i ride because they look weird just dangling to the side.

hold the seat handle

which looks even more weird, especially from the back… you could try twiddling your thumbs or carry weighs with you O_o


Go do some muni.

You’ll soon find uses for your arms and hands again!

Have fun.

Idle hands are the work of “you know who”!

“what am i supposed to do with my hands while i ride because they look weird just dangling to the side.”

Give me a break - what do you do with them when your walking? :roll_eyes:

I normally ride with my right hand on the front of the seat/the handle (depending on which uni) and my left hand tucked up in front of me as if I were jogging. Then on tricky sections, I use the left hand and arm for balance, keeping the weight of my arm at about chest height. On very tricky slow speed sections, I very occasionally find it appropriate to let go of the seat and use both arms for balance.

I find it helps concentration, and gives a Zen aspect to the whole thing, if I tuck fingers 2 and 3 of my left hand in so that they touch the palm of my wrist guard, leaving fingers 1 and 4 extended in the devil horns gesture.


by jove, that’s a good point…

Just be happy that they can dangle there, because most people conisder that an acomplishment, I recomend holding them behind your back, and then trying to ride, once you can do that, try it with your eyes closed, its fun when you feel yourself falling and open your eyes just to find your going perfectly straight, but off the curb ^^. I had fun dooing that while i was trying to get my balance better, next… try to seat drag with your hands dangling!

Well, sometimes I do this, which keeps my hands from dangling in a silly manner. If you can’t except dangling legs either, you can do this.