Handrails to 180 out

Hi everyone I am wondering if anyone has odne it or tryed it grinding a handrail to a 180 out … i know it been done on rails and ledges… ppl even do 360… but yeah on a handrail… and if you have done it or trying it tell me how you are doing it and on what size of stairscase… im trying it on a 4 stair handrail right now and the momentum is too strong for me to stay up on my uni… thanks for all your answers :slight_smile:

yeah ive seen it in a vid. go to www.unicycle.2ya.com and go to the movies section and there is a sweedish movie at the bottom. you have to watch pretty far into it but i think its what your lookin for(pedal grind down rail the hop twist 180 then land?) hope i could help!


I am pretty sure he didnt mean to 180 out, i think he just slipped out. In the origional thread when they posted that movie i think that simon said andreas slipped.
I have seen a 180 into a handrail but not out.

meh…it still looked kool!!!

really nice vid men I rlly liked… yeah its a 180 but it looks like a slip accident… he dint hop out of the handrail… still rlly nice

it is possible, i think a few people can… its a lot harder to do on round rails, i find it easier to spin out backside cos that my natural spin way. but its basically drop off the rail and twist as quick as you can (kinda like andreas’s but with a full 180 haha). i dont really hop off, if you try and hop off, mostly round rails you will end up locking up. fat and flat rails are good to try first.

ive come really close to 180ing out of a handrail a couple of times. I’ve also come close to doing a full rev out of a handrail.

180ing out


I’ve 180’d outta 2 different rails, one at our skatepark here, and one street rail, that was a 4 set. You just gotta pop onto the rail and possesion your body right away to spin, so when you get to the end you can whip the 180 land and ride out. It’s hard stuff, and i haven’t done it lately, but it’s all in the enterence of the rail. No horrible falls yet. haha, laters

-Shaun Johanneson

Doesn’t someone (Dan heaton?) do a 360 out of a grind in the Defect trailer?

tricks out of grinds on ledges are a lot easier than tricks out of grind on handrails

I’ve successfully spun myself around for a 180 out at my skateparks small flat rail, but I couldn’t keep my balance enough to come even close to riding away. Still the point is I’m real bad at rails and managed to do a cruddy attempt at it, so someone who is competent on rails could for sure.

handrails are way different then ledges/skateparkrails…ppl can do 360 out of ledges… and thanks to everyone for the asnwer :slight_smile:

in the street unicycling by kevin mcmullin there are two 180 out of handrails, its in the same section as the swedish video

check kevin’s video again dude… no 180s out of handrails

they’re not handrails, he 180’s out of and into grinds on benches, but not handrails.

well its pretty much the same thing just a little eaiser, and its the closest thing i have found, i was just trying to help

Not quite the same thing.
I’ll use my artistic abilities to explain:

    |    <---legde
____|____    it's flat, so I stay on

--|--    <--- me after grinding ledge
 / \

 /  \      <--- handrail
 \__/           it's round, I fall off

>-<O       <--- me after I fall off.
                I'm dead.

see, It’s not quite the same.