I took my new 36er out today (Nimbus Titan) for a 7 mile run and I can already tell that some bars are going to help with longer distances. The ones everyone raves about, the KH T-bar touring handle, is sold out everywhere I’ve looked.
Who has a suggestion for something I could get quick. The nimbus bar that replaces the seat mount is too much for me, I’d like to get something that attaches to the seat post, but I’ll take any suggestions. I’ll probably start Frankensteining some bars soon if I can’t find one to buy.
Thanks Uniers

One thing I’ve thought about doing, and it seems I’ve seen some others do, is to take a bicycle handlebar stem and attatch it to the seatpost. Then, make some skinny handlebars to fit into it.

The Titan uses a 25.4mm post so you could use a Coker Pi bar: http://www.cokercycles.com/accessories/coker-pi-bar-touring-handlebar

That will work. I like what UniGeezer did with the extension on his. I’m in the process of mocking one up now and if that doesn’t pan out the way I want I’ll definitely give it a try. Thanks

A welder + an angle grinder + an old bicycle with drop handlebars = instant Franken-bars.

If you’re looking for something that just bolts-on, however, be prepared to spend $$$ and be left wishing for better.

Take a look at the T-bar pictures on UDC. You could fashion something with a couple angle irons relatively easily…

You know I remember seeing bikes in dumpsters or left out for the the trash or in garage sales all the time, but now that I’m looking for one to chop up I can’t find anything!

ask a LBS to call when they have throw aways. we would throw a bike away weekly