Handlebars -- best choice?

I think I want to put bars on my 29. Looks like the Nimbus Shadow and the KH bars are my choices. Having only pictures to look at, it would seem the Nimbus system is sturdier. Any suggestions from those who have bars?

It depends on what you are doing with your 29er. Are you riding hard core technical MUni or are you riding Atlanta’s Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga paved greenways (you lucky dog). A bit off topic but Louisville’s Mayor just cut the ribbon on another 5 mile section of the Louisville Loop (will rival what you have when done) today.

I have both. I fell so deeply in love with the Shadow when I got my Impulse that I just had to get another when I built my geared KH36. The Shadow is extremely sturdy even when fully extended. Just look at the design! It really feels like it is a part of the unicycle rather than an afterthought. Can’t recommend the Shadow enough for riding distance. Say goodbye to saddle soreness forever!

If you are riding MUni, I would suggest the KH T-bar in a slightly less extended position and you might even take Kris’ advice on narrowing the T part (the Shadow’s T part is much wider) though I’m kind of sorry that I did as I’ve never gotten tangled up (knock wood) in a off-road UPD situation.

Thanks! My 29 only sees road duty, so I guess it will be the shadow!