Handlebar kit Free

Hey if you live in the Atlanta area I have a handlebar kit that you can have if you want to pick it up. I tried it a few times on my 29" but just could not get used to it.


Wow that is very generous, Is it a Shadow? Kris Holmes or other? Just to clarify and would you be willing to ship if you have no interest locally? For a fee of course.

A year ago I would have been all over these! I was looking for bars, UDC was out of stock… I ended up putting together a couple of sets from bicycle aerobar parts. Now I’m so used to them that I don’t really want to try the “real” bars!

Very generous offer though, somebody will surely take you up on it.

I would prefer to get it to someone local, as I’m kind of hoping to meet some local riders. I used to ride a lot with my son, but he’s all grown up now and has moved away.

Very generous offer indeed. I’m a few hours away and in no need of a handlebar but if you’re looking for local riders you should hit up UDC and see if they do any organized rides since you’re close by

Which handle bar kit is this. I’m south of Atlanta in coweta

You should identify the brand of handle bar. If your not sure compare it to those sold on unicycle.com.

Here is a picture of the handlebars:

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Nimbus Shadow Handle kit, with what looks like a 25.4mm Pivotal post.