Handlebar hack

Over the years, I have tried various handlebars on my 29 and 26: long, short, high, low, bar ends, reversed bar ends… and i always go back to a plain T handle.

The only problem with the T handle is that the ends catch your thighs in the event of a UPD. I always lose those little plastic bungs, and bicycle handlebar grips wear through quickly.

Just discovered today that an old inner tube for a 700c x 23mm road bike fits nicely. Slide it on with a twisting motion and cut it off slightly too long. For neatness, you can poke the extra down the hole in the end of the tube. It looks reasonably neat, is warm and comfortable on the hand and gives good grip, it cushions the blow if your thigh hits the bar, it saves the bar from scratching if you UPD heavily on tarmac or rock, and it’s easily replaceable.

Nice hack!

nice hack!

I switched to the mad4one saddle/handle, the middle version is just great for muni!

and the long one for road riding, i guess (didn‘t try it so far)

I thought that anyone do like this before spending money on more expensive solutions. I wrapped all my handlebar with old inner tube. The only problem I found is that my palms get black coloured quickly

I prefer the Shadow over the KH T-bar…for the reason that the Shadow is very stiff, which I like, and the T-bar has flex, which I don’t like. I am wondering how much flex the mad4one saddle/handle has. I measured the length of my Shadow muni setup, and it’s the same length as the Long/touring mad4one saddle/handle. I would love to try the mad4one, but considering the amount of pushing and pulling I do on my current setup, I can imagine it having too much play, then breaking it.

My muni Shadow setup has two sets of bar ends. One set (the outer set) points backwards and under the seat. It’s a long setup for muni, but I’m a tall rider, and I can still transition to SIB and back using the setup on my 24", and I’ve never gotten caught on the bars during a UPD.

Did you order the full version, or did you pad it yourself?