Handlebar discussion - How to?

Hah, I was thinking along the lines of “someone” passing by. Lots of Singaporeans come over for a holiday, maybe you know someone coming up soon.

I don’t have any pics of my old setup but steveyo’s setup is quite simmilar

The only real difrence is I used a piece of the bike frame instead of a stoker stem.

Too bad not at UDC US

I’ll be building a set today and i’ll take photos as i go so you can get some idea of how i did it. It will cost a grand total of about 50c in welding sticks but I already have the scrap metal. Even if you dont it wont cost in excess of $10, less if you use the forks off and old bike… It’ll make sense when I finish it, have photos and explain.

I just made a handlebar for my 36 after much research and analysis I came up with a sort of hybrid design using a bit of T7/coker/corbins homemades and saskatchewanian’s.I used electric arc welding and leftover bits of bike,total cost $0.It works fine but I’ll have to put in a few more rides to form an opinion on the merits or otherwise of the geometry chosen.Halfway through the first ride I stopped and removed the water bottle and holder as my legs were rubbing on it.I really liked having the brake, speedo and bike bell.

Here’s my handlebar concoction. Made from standard bicycle parts. No welding or machining necessary. Modular and flexible in setup. I have since shortened the boom. Originally I thought it would be handy to have a water bottle on the boom, but that turned out to be a bad idea (the weight of the full water bottle affected the handing of the unicycle).

JC Coker Handle (revision Beta 3)