handle safety question

Some time back I installed a Reeder handle on my muni and found it very useful when going over rough ground and up/down steep hills.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, the Reeder is a big black metal bar bent in two places to lie at a slight angle in front of the seat.

I am aware of the fact that it has two sharp corners and could be potentially dangerous in an uncontrolled fall; in particular that rare variety of UPD when you are in such a position of balance that the uni is directly underneath and holds you aloft for a while before hurling you off in a random direction.

I know from experience that this type of UPD can attack the groin/lower abdominal area and the thought of the Reeder handle being involved is disturbing.

The only protection I have on the handle is a rubber end cap.

I’m wondering if: -

a) anyone has fallen foul of their handle

b) any ideas for making it safer

Almost a year of use, totally uncountable falls and UPD’s, and no problems for me. Im not worried about it at all.

It used to scrape my leg on forward dismounts; when I trimmed it a little (about 1/2 an inch?) that problem stopped. I think that it’s no more dangerous than falls than a pedal. Probably less so.

Having an end cap on it is the right thing to do.

how about a “bell end” from g-sport bmx? amusingly named and tecnicaly perfect.

Come on Max, did you forget about the time you hit your chin on it landing a seat-out drop??

The only time that I had problems with mine was when I was learning to kick-up mount. The seat would drop back far enough that I would sit on the handle. After a couple tries, I gave up learning the kick-up mount.

cheers… Mojoe

The worst problem I have with my handle is on simple forward dimounts where I land on my feet. Occasionally, the end of the handle hits my left Achilles tendon. Ouch.

Get a tennis ball, cut a 3/4 inch diameter hole in it and slide it over the end of the handle.

Re: handle safety question

This is what I refer to as “unintentional coasting.” Very scary.

I have un-capped tubing on my Wyganowski Coker handle. It occurs to me I should get something on there. Any bare ends of tubing should have caps or other things on them to blunt the edge of the tubing, as well as to protect it.