Handle Pain, Any Ideas?

the handle on my Torker LX just isnt doin it for me, i have severe pains at the bases of the fingers on my left hand, any things i could do or try to see if the pain goes away,such as a glove?

A glove is highly recommended, not just to diminish the pains you’re experiencing, but to protect your hands in general. Another thing you might try is wrapping the front part of the handle with athletic tape… it doesn’t get all messy like duct tape does.

you might want to consider getting an entire new seat and seatpost. After about an hour using my friends LX my hands were getting severly cramped. try gloves though, they should help a little bit.

Another saddle would do wonders. However, if you want to stick with the one you have, it may take a few weeks before your fingers get toughened up, take it slow. If they start brusing or swelling badly stop hoping for a while, you do not want to do damage.

Otherwise start learning seat out hopping, that way you can dodge the handle. (for seat out hopping you hold the side of the saddle, near the seat post.)

When i started learning seat out my hand got really sore and swelled a bit i guess dont go crazy on it but keep usuing it and and your hands will get used to it

Gloves are always good…I never ride without mine. But maybe a new saddle is in order for you. Id recomend the KH saddle if you do decide on a new one.

You don’t need a new seat. The miyata/torker LX saddles are decent, but they are highly upgradeable. Buy a new handle to start.

I thought the only handle that fit on he lx was the one that came with it :thinking:

also, The LX saddle is way less comfortable for sif than the KH

There are a number of old threads about finger pain cause by handles…It’s a common problem. Try reading a few of these:


The suggestions already given in this thread are good ones:
Your saddle is probably ok (Torker makes decent seats)
Wear a glove, give it some time and take things gently
If pain persists or gets worse, rest your hand and try different handles

I grip my handle like a vise for miles at a time. It is probably bad form, and I have paid for it with tendonitis. All the plastic handles - KH, Torker, Kinport - caused this problem because of their somewhat sharp lip and how hard I maintained my grip. I had to switch my preferred saddle hand from left to right about six months ago because I abused my left hand to the point that it took several months for the tendons in my fingers to heal. It got so bad I couldn’t even grip well enough to turn a doorknob.

The final solution for me and many others has been a Reeder handle. You can’t use them on a stock Torker saddle, though. They screw into Viscount saddles nicely because it has a metal base. Using a Reeder with a Torker, KH or Miyata saddle requires at minimum a stiffener plate, but the best way is to upgrade the seat base to carbon-fiber. This is not a cheap thing to do, and I’d call it a last resort.

I have also tried the Wallis Deathgrip handle, and found it to be quite comfortable. It too would be a good final solution, and I expect others would probably agree.

Many handles will fit the miyata/torker LX saddles. Kinport, Reeder, Deathgrip at least.

I think the KH saddles are less comfortable for seat out (something about KH saddles doesn’t agree with my anatomy, fingers or thighs), although I can see why you like a KH saddle better. The miyata has very sharp edges on the bottom of the seat which cut into your fingers. You can remedy this by putting something over it to make it wider and easier to grip.

I do not agree on the fact that torker makes decent seats.

  1. CX sucks for everything
  2. LX is ok, uncomfortable handle and padding
  3. DX is too wide and thick

I really think you should get a new seat though. If you are getting cramped hands, a better handle(like the ones on KH seats) will fix that, but if it is rubbing pain, you will form calluses and it will stop.

CX is a childs seat, it does not suck for children

LX is a copy of the miyata, the most widely used saddle by far before the KH was created, and while it is not a great seat to start (mostly because of the handle) it is by far the most upgradeable seat available, and the handle and foam can be replaced to the owners needs (if he so desires) for less money than a new saddle

DX is a copy of the KH, “the best” stock saddle around right now

oh, well then everyone who unis at my circus has children’s seats, and there like 14. The lx is upgradebul? How?I didn’t think there were anything you could do to them other than adding a cf base, new foam or airseat, and new handle, and then it wouldn’t really be a LX seat.

A. Everyone at your circus is riding a childs seat. What did you think the C stood for.
B. Thank you for defining the word upgradeable.

The Torker LX (Miyata) handle has some ergonomic issues. It can be made reasonably comfortable with some alterations.

One way to alter it is to get a 3" length of vinyl tubing (1/2" diameter or so). Cut the tubing lengthwise, slip it over the front edge of the handle where you grip, then wrap it with hockey tape or athletic tape. Build up the front part of the handle in that manner till it’s comfortable to grip.

Another ergonomic problem with the Torker LX (Miyata) handle is that it can cause the tips of your fingers to bend backwards in a most unnatural way. The solution for that is to build up the front of the handle with tape and vinyl tubing.

Hockey tape works well and is available in more colors than athletic tape. Hockey tape is the type of tape they use to wrap the blade and handle of a hockey stick. It’s a cloth tape.

Excellent advice as usual. When I had my miyata handle I never thought of altering it because I didn’t have the time. My handle broke within 2 hours of owning the unicycle. They tend to be fairly weak. Justin, be sure to check your handle for cracks frequently if you decide to simply alter your current handle, as sudden loss of handle can be very bad in some situations. I forgot the Kinport handle is no longer on UDC, so it seems altering your current handle is the best option (because the reeder and deathgrip handles are expensive). Also, get some gloves.

wow I would never have thought of all that stuff.

just deal with it and stop conplaining or just take a metal file and grind it down in the areas where your hand hurts and keep trying until you getit rite and if you grind it down too much get a myata handle they are more comfortable i have on on my lx seat and its better