Handle of the fusion saddle

I just got the new kh 20" and I love it but when it fall forward(im a newbie so it often fall) the handle hurt pretty hard the ground.So I’m worrying if there is a way that it can break like this ? or am I worrying for nothing about this?


Don’t worry, it is made to be dropped. If it broke when dropped, you would have a lot of angry people with broken KH handles!

naaah, dropping it won’t do anything except scratch it up. a lot. don’t worry though, you’ll find plenty of other ways to break it. (:

I don’t know of anyone yet who has managed to break a KH handle.

It will get a bit scuffed up. Eventually if it gets too rough you may like to replace it. Replacements are available for not too much. ($9 US for front and back together)

It’s super strong, a lot stronger than say… torkers handles. So don’t worry.

i broke my back one on a 6ft drop atempt

Unicyclepa, what kind of uni u got?? Must be pretty good for that high of drops.

20in onxa

Did you upgrade any of it or did you get it stock? I wanted to get a new trials uni and that was a choice i had.