Handle in back?

I’m new to seat out in front hopping, but wouldn’t a handle coming out from behind the seat be beneficial? Excuse m if they’re out there, but I’ve yet to see one or hear about one.

Wouldn’t you be able to get more upward lift with a handle in the back?

Anybody have one, and I’m just crazy?

You’re crazy man:D I hold the side of the seat, which makes it easy to push the seat against my left thigh. Plus, I’d be afraid of snagging my shorts on the handle while pulling the seat out front. But give it a try, you may be onto something. cheers, Joe (Coker will be here on the 30th) in Iowa

here’s Chris Reeder’s “balsa wood soloution”


Try wearing one of those “pull-me” thongs – cheap, light, effective.