Handle for Viscount

I need a handle on my Viscount saddle for my Summit. I’m looking at the different ways people have added handles to the Viscount . Let me show a few that I’ve seen. I want to know what you guys think.




The first two look interesting because the handle is attached to the seat post and not the seat. The viscount cloth is attached only by glue so it would be a pain to take it off.

What do you guys think?

A couple of years ago a machinist helped me attach a Reeder handle to a Viscount. I tried using George Barnes’ self-tapping screws approach but it didn’t work for me. The machinist redrilled my holes, then tapped them. We attached the Reeder from the bottom using machine screws. It worked very well and handled (eek) trail stress and rock hits easily. No muss, no fuss. No need to remove any of the padding.

Just FOLLOW the magic link…


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I don’t think that helps much for the Viscount problem.

I like that first idea because it look pretty easy to do. Anyone know if there are bar ends that will fit the Summit seatpost?


What are self tapping screws exactly? How much would someone charge to do this? I assume whatever technique you used could also be used on a KH type handle. The thing is a Reeder handle is $40 and I could get a whole new seat for almost that much. Although a 6 euro handle shipped from europe isn’t cheap either…

Here’s one I made for my Coker:


How strong and stiff is it? Would it work for trials?

I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work for trials. It is verrrrrrry strong. My Coker hits the ground more than I would like to admit and almost always lands on the handle. That is the main reason that I built it (to protect the saddle from brutal impacts) :smiley:

I simply took an old steel handlebar, cut it to the proper length, and brazed it to a seatpost clamp, then installed a short bar-end for the “handle”. If you can weld, it is really very easy to build.

which handle ?

Having tried just about all of the aforementioned handle styles, I would recommend the Kinport plastic handle for use in trials application on the viscount seat. I presently have one mounted on a Summit with a Viscount seat and it works great, is very stiff and strong and looks better and is lighter than the other options. You will need to do a little grinding (of the handle)to get it to fit, though.

How did you mount it? How much trouble?

This one came with the handle in place. I think it’s a matter of doing a little bit of Dremel tool grinding to make the handle fit the contour of the seat, peeling back the seat cover to drill bolt holes, then putting it all back together. The Viscount seat pan is made of a hard steel. You’ll want a hardened drill bit made for hardened metals.

Another option is to bend a peice of 3/4’ steel conduit into a squarish “U” shape and fasten it at the front with 2 bolts on each side. The conduit is smashed flat on the sides and bent to fit closely so as not to rub the legs. This makes a very strong, light and comfortable grip handle for the Viscount.

The outstanding Kinport handle could be mounted this way as well. The machinist didn’t charge me, but it wouldn’t be much. Three holes and three tapping operations. Again there is no need to disturb the foam. The machine screws screw in from the bottom and have no holding nut.

I found the self-tapping screws to be too hard to turn into the base. I think, too, that the results wouldn’t be as good as having normally tapped holes.

Re: Handle for Viscount

This is my handle and what was prototype 2 has become permanant. After many, many, many close encounters with the ground it hasn’t faulted at all. It now has a brake mounted to it which is in just the right place, I’ll put some photos up when I get time.

There are some other photos in the gallery after I fitted my air conversion to my Viscount.


Cheers, Gary

Do you use it for trials?

Anyone know where I could get something that would attach to a Summit/KH seat post? They are 27.2mm diameter.

Where do you get a Kinport handle?


unicycle.com carries them.

I have the same thing. A new summit on the way with a viscount seat. What makes more sense? Just buying a Kh seat or buying a kinport handle and putting that on. The prices are (my money):

KH seat - $65
Kinport Handle - $45

Both prices include shipping.

What do you think?


I see KH as $48 and Kinport as $19 on unicycle.com. Where do you live so that the shipping is that high?

He’s probably quoting Canadian dollars.

It’s true that’s with shipping in CAD. The KH seat is from Bedford and the handle is unicycle.com. So what do you think?