handle for torker

hey yall, I AM DAN, behold…
anywho i decided that the torker seat did not have an good enough handle in the front, seeing as i could only put two fingers in it. sooo i enbarked on a mission to build a handle without purchasing anything. so i went to my basement and found a old bike with one of those hard plastic “gt” seats on it, this seat had finger grooves on the back for some strange reason. but i took this seat and removed the metal frame that attached to the seat post, soooooo i use a utility knife and some saws and basic tools of detruction to carve it to the shape of the bottem of the torker seet. then i took a big drill, a BIG drill and got a 7/8ths drill bit (about the size of the torker post) and drilled it into the tip of the gt seat. then i took the “gt” seat and slide it up the seat post so that the finger grooves are in the proper handle possition, but then it rubbed agiast my legs and annoyed me in genaral so i put it thru another round of the tools of destruction, thus making it fit, i then screwed it in to the bottem of the seat and it seems to work quite well, i will send picture if i ever get i digital camera, but basicaly its a torker seat with a choped up gt seat with a hole thru the tip that gos up the seat post and then there are some finger grooves in the handle spot,
ok this is hard to picture but try.
just thought id share my idiocey, idiocy