Handle for Muni

I have been riding Muni on my Nimbus 24 for a couple months and have taken my new KH29 out on the trails a few times. My hand/fingers get really sore from the technical/rocky downhill, and I could use some more leverage for uphill to avoid some of the hiking. Looking for ideas on what people are using in the way of handles strictly for Muni (not road).

I just use the plastic handle/scoop that come with the saddle. If you ride enough then you get calluses and it’s not a problem, but if you haven’t been riding for awhile (like me during winter), or if you don’t ride as often as some, you can have a bit of a painful “break in” period while your hands get used to the saddle again. To help this, try using full finger bike gloves, they work amazingly to cushion the hands.

I don’t really like protruding handles because they seem to get in my way, but it’s 100% rider choice. Some people swear by them. I just bite the bullet and ride hard and fast for a few weeks till my hands are nice and tough, then I don’t have any problems with my hands hurting.

I use the regular handle that came on my KH29. I do however use Bomber Gloved from Fox and I was getting blisters before that but now I have no issues. I am building a CF saddle and I ordered regular KH handles.

You could always try the reeder style handle, you’d have to have it made yourself though. (Do a search for it.)

yeah - the reeder handle looks interesting (but unavailable). Simple is probably better. My finger problem is more muscular/tendon than skin. I think I will try the gloves and see how that goes. It might help my other problem of dragging my hand through thorny plants.

I use it and love it! :smiley:

From experience when I used to race mountain bikes I found the tendon pain was extreme. I ended up using old bike tubes and making grips out of those, the grip was excellent and I had to hold on with much less squeeze. My advice would be to use an old tube and wrap it around current handle and see if that helps you hold on without gripping so hard. If you add grippy palm bike gloves then the combo will hold on like velcro.