Handle for free!

Somebody who saw me unicycling approached me, to teach him. Of course I obliged. (he was able to get an ‘almost’ pedal rotation in 15 mins!..from a freemount!)

Anyways, he takes welding at school, and I do need a handle for my sem deluxe air seat. I mentioned it to him, and forgot about it. last night he brought over a handle, based loosely on what we talked about!

It pained me to tell him it was too big, and the angles were off, but he said no proble, and will be redoing it to more precise specifications!

Yay! Now I need to spend $80 on something because I didn’t get a Reeder handle (that’s been haunting me ever since I tried one out)

With the adjusted angles, that sac-tearing corner will be reduced!