Handle for Coker

The T7 handle from UDC is likely less expensive than one you end up building yourself. I have a handle made from a tandem stoker stem along with other off the shelf and used parts. It cost me over $100 to make. Parts and costs add up.

Any comments on the T7 handle. I have tried it briefly and it felt like I was riding a horse or a camel…great …until I dismounted. The corners on the handle bar seemed to be leg scrapes and bruses waiting to happen. Now my mounting and dismounting abilities are not world class but I would love to know other riders thoughts.

I was worried about the same when i got it, but i’ve not once hit my legs on the corners of the handle, even during wildly unplanned dismounts. If i feel myself coming off i tend to throw the handle downwards so its out the way as i fly off the front. My only complaint is that the ends of the rubber grips i but on the handles get trashed pretty quickly in high speed UPDs, but I don’t suppose there’s anything that can be done about that as they’re the first point of contact.

Those rubber bungs that you get on the end of walking sticks or zimmer frames should do the job, although they may mean that the uni would come to more of a dead stop.

Put on a pair of MTB or BMX grips.

That’s a good idea unipsychler :smiley: :D. Or try putting magnesium pedals like what i put on my coker. :wink: :wink:

What’s different about MTB grips? I’ve seen those alloy bar ends you can get and was considering cuting the ends off my current grips and inserting those in to the end of the tubes, but i really like to wrap my fingers around the end of the grips and they would be hard and cold

I’m pretty hard on the ends of the handles as I’m still not very good at freemounting and spend time practicing. I’ve found the best thing is to use grips with wide ends (that are supposed to be on the inside of the grip I think) but to put the wide ends on the end/outisde of the grip. That way the wide end protects the end of the bars when it crashes to the ground.

One by one - yes I find the back ends dig into my things when I mount the beast if I’m not careful. I’ve put some cut down grips that I trashed with my freemounting practice on them and it limits the bruising. :smiley:

Do I dare ask what are your ‘things’ or should I just use my imagination?:smiley:

Oops, I meant thighs. Perhaps I should just say legs instead. :o

I made my Coker handle for $20 total cost. The cost was for the torker stem. I cut some old handlebars at 45 degrees and rotated each section to make a 90 degree bend and welded with my 120V wire welder. I got the grips from the old handlebars and have plans to add a brake also.

I haven’t tried this out yet, but I have 2 degrees of freedom for adjustments. I decided if I want longer handles, I can weld pieces on the ends from another pair of handlebars. (I found 3 sets in my basement. I guess I’ve been saving for a long time for this project.)

Thanks for all the help, guys! I’ll probably be asking more after I try this out and/or add a brake.

DSC03263 (Small).JPG

DSC03264 (Small).JPG

I just finished some modifications to my T7. I installed a longer steel braided cable from Magura. This allowed me to place the brake lever in a most convenient place. The grips I found at my local bike shop and were the perfect size. I though the tail light was a nice touch but I’m afraid my first UPD will launch it.


Dude - That is a stylin’ setup. Regarding a UPD wrecking the tail-light, just don’t UPD.:wink:

Thanks, when we ride together you’ll have to take it for a spin.

I don’t think I’ll be able to reach the pedals. I’m 5’6".

I’m also 5’6" but my inseam is about 30-31".

Oh, I’ll probably fit then. Very well.