Handle for Coker.

Hey everyone. I’ve recently started riding a Coker, mostly in the woods. I’m wondering, what type of handle do most of you prefer to have on your Coker. I currently have a metal bar, with two hand grips (one on each side). It’s great in the city, but not as versatile in the trails.

Any comments, or advice???

get a kris holm, reeder, or wallis handle. All of them are not in the way when you’re riding, and give you lots of leverage to pull the unicycle to you.

I’ve got a reeder on my coker now (but i’ve got to give it back soon, sniffle) - and it’s got insane pull-uppage ability, which is definitely what you want on trails. I tend to use it to ramp off dips in the sidewalk when I’m riding around though :stuck_out_tongue:

you have a GB4 handle on that with a bicycle bar end used as a cross piece. This handle is designed as a distance kinda one where you want to use your handle to actually push yourself off the seat a bit to relieve pressure in your sitter.

I put that cross piece there as I like to use it as a lifting up kinda bar for muni.

You want a KH seat and handle for that thing. I’ll see if i have any spare parts laying around.

i could bring a seatpost so we can transfer the kh seat off your muni that you will never ride again :slight_smile: