Handle Bars

Has anyone ever tried putting handle bars on their uni. I put some Razor skooter handle bars on mine, it was pretty fun, and I found you could do regular tricks like unispins hoppin on the wheel no footers and such.




That’s strange. I hit edit and it made a new post. Ignore this one.

Great minds think alike:

Though I never learned to unispin it.

Jump mount. I found this the easiest way to mount.


Foot plant on the back of the tire.


Is that a torker lx? I found that the handle bars only worked on my torker cause my nimbus and others hod to narrow of a seat posts.
Hoppin on the wheel.


Yeah, It’s the old Torker LX

It’s funny how muck your avatar and your pictures look alike, lol.

your handlebars are sideways for the wheel hopping.

I always like your photos. Looks like the dogs have fun watching you.

The dogs may have fun watchin me, but they seem to always be in the way,especially when goin backwards or backwards one footed, Its as if they think I can see where Im going and can stop for them to pass. And it really is impossible to take a picture without one of my five dogs in it pestering me.

Has anyone who ever tried this been able to unispin or things like that, I found that foot planting on the back of the wheel was easier with the handle bars. Ohh, yes the handle bars were sideways for wheel hoppin cause I really didn’t want to try that with the narrow bar underneath me waiting for me to fall on it.

How come none of the pictures I see from others dont have annoying dogs in them? How many others have tried this, and how many were able to pull of tricks.

I’m bringing this back up to show what type of area I’m forced to ride in and how in the middle of the desert I really am, and to warn anyone who tries this, Don’t d a 360 jump mount, In the name of your grandchildren just NO.

Iv,e put handel bars on a uni before,but they were old bicycle handel bars,and were much wider.
It sucked.it was eseir to ride with one hand in the middle than with two hand on the hand grips.