Handle Bar Suggestions?

I currently have a Coker Handlebar with some areobars attached. I like the vertical adjustment and the areobars added significant length, but it needs to be longer.(can post pics later)

My problem is I cant figure out what to buy to make it longer and keep it adjustable.

The KH seems it would work great(with a longer post), but then I couldn’t get a more comfortable seat ever.
The Nimbus seems non adjustable, complicated and expensive. It also removes the possibility of rail type seat?

So I am looking for a way to get my bars further out with parts I can buy or scrounge off some bikes etc.(i.e. no welding or vframe stuff). Please let me know if I’ve misjudged anything.

This is from Terry Peterson. It sounds like what you are looking for.

Hey thanks that will definitely give me something to work with for a bit.

Ok so I am looking at something like this:

It is adjustable, only need to buy one thing, and I can find it on amazon.de.

My only concern is the clamp widths, the one I found says

Seatpost - 29.8 mine is 25.4
Bar - 25.4 mine is 22.5…

Is there any chance of these tightening down to my width?
What about some spacers?

I really cant find anything this shape with a 25.4 seatpost clamp. :confused:

You would need shims to get the different pieces to fit together.

When I had my PI Bar I considered making an extension for it using a Torker Brake Mount. I never got around to trying it, but it still seems like a good way to go, and similar to Terry’s in adjustability. It’s also under $6 on Amazon. The shim could cost you a few dollars more, but still not that much. It has a 25.4 clamp for the seatpost. To make it work with the PI bar you will also need a 22.2-25.4 shim. It would be adjustable by moving the Coker stem along the boom of the extension. Here’s a photo of the Torker mount:

Hey that looks great, especially the price! But, I don’t know how you would clamp an extender into it, and I can’t tell how much length it adds itself. But also, I don’t know where to find torker parts outside of the US, and I am currently in Germany…

Right so those are only 125mm, and I would want to be able to make it longer.
I did notice that Terry’s also doesn’t need a clamp for the extender… I’m not totally sure how those work, but do they just keep themselves tight in there when you twist them? If so,then I will try to find something like that.

The idea with the Torker piece is that you clamp it to your seatpost, and then use the stem on the PI Bar attached directly to it. So in effect you could move your handlebar 100+ mm’s further from your seatpost than it is currently.

The ControlTech stoker stem replaces your coker stem. it includes both the boom part and the part that clamps to the PI Bar.

If you could find an old frame made to fit a 25.4 (1") seatpost you could scavenge the toptube/seat cluster from it, and make your own boom. The advantage here being that you could make it as long as you wanted, and that a lot of old road bikes have a 25.4 top tube that the Coker stem will clamp onto without a shim. If you did it this way you could have it done with no cash out of pocket, but some time with a hacksaw.

I got the idea with the torker, just that 100ish mm isn’t so worth it.

And with extending, I was wondering about these things:

Which terry had in his video, but I’m not sure how they attach. If they are meant to be clampless, then that would be the way to go.

This is my current mod, which I like much better. It’s also a lot lighter than then my previous mod with the stoker stem.

I know slightly off topic… but I thought you may like to see the latest UDC handle bar.


Hey terry that does look nice. My only issue would be having to get rid of it if I wanted a new seat.

I was still hoping someone could explain to me how the stem raiser quills stay in tight… I didn’t see it tightened in the video exactly, for time purposes I guess.

Roger: Yes I do! Slightly off topic is fine here…
Looks sweet. Also can you get it goin without the back wheel?

Thank you.
Not on purpose. You get more control down hill when you are closer to unicycle balance and several times I had the wheel just off the ground… but it is scary!

I’d imagine. That wheel has to be close to 60".

no, it is a 51". It is the biggest I can ride.

We have produced 3 of them, 2 at 51" and 1 at 54".

We were racing at the Pennies in the Park event. We came 2, 3rd and 6th. Not bad for first outing.


And when are we going to be able to get our hands on some of those?

We have only just started producing them in the UK. They will be available off the shelf in September we hope. They can not be produced internationally at the moment.


So here is what I came up with based on what I could find near by. I know it’s probably not the most efficient solution, but it just required me to buy the one part off ebay.de, and it is totally adjustable. I am also able to get my arms on the pads which is really nice.

(Bottom pictures are original bar.)

It also goes out a bit further, but it runs into the handle. I need to figure out how to mount without the handle and maybe snag a bike seat.

Link doesn’t work. Says “down for maintenance.” Just post pics here directly.

Ah oops, I was about to, but I haven’t uploaded on here yet. (Also haven’t had that error on that site)

Here they are. :slight_smile:

(P.S. anyway to upload without having to resize?)