Handle Bar Project started

I have finally stopped planning it and talking about it and took some action, I hacked up and old bike (it felt good :)), then talked to the welding teacher at my school who had a student help me out, here is what I have so far (The grainy quality is because I used my webcam)

Now here is a problem I have been debating on, where it should be in relation to myself and the seat? Like the main purpose of this handle is to take some weight off the seat. If I have my back straight, how much bend in my arms should their be in reaching the handles? Also what kind of angle should the handles be at? I know those are some difficult and perhaps a bit vague questions, but if you have something similar to the above, I’d appreiciate your oppinion.

they look good im thinking of doing the same thing

I think you should angle them up just a little bit, but not too much. that would be the most comfortable, methinks.

Very nice. You could compare it to the GB4 HANDLE and see how you want it positioned. Try to find a picture with the GB handle on the seat.


Pics of my similar style handle at:


I mounted mine from the seatpost, the idea being to then lighten the seat and make it more flexible, to improve comfort. (11 months on and I’ve still not done anything to the saddle, I really should buy the new cover etc and get on with it)

This has worked well, it’s bombproof stiff, and easily adjustable for height / angle. one thing to note is that the ends of the handles take a pounding during UPD’s, and often need filing smooth again.

Very cool handle bar!!!