Handle Bar Project Finished (I think)

Not too bad think, maybe a bit low though, im going to do some riding with it this weekend.

Your welds could use some BIG imporvement, but otherwise its a good start!

nice work

lata, Ev.

That was nice :roll_eyes:

I think it looks great! Awesome job. How does the handle feel? And is that a coker that you got there?


Hey, im not jumping on him, im just saying that the handle is a gr8 design but the welds are the prettest.

I’m sorry Evan, I know you’re young and have alot of good ideas and quite a bit of potential, but please don’t insult another fabricator by bashing his welding ability. Your welds have quite a bit of room for improvement, too:)

kh handle (1).jpg

Glopal, your handle looks great. I like the way that you attached it to the seatpost instead of the saddle. I wish both you and Evan the best of luck in your future endeavors. Ya’ll keep the creative juices flowing:)

hey, thers a rason for that!

#1 I forgot to turn the gas on on the begining of the weld

#2 i acsedently used a Silacon-bronze filler stick instead of the standard mild steel wire.

though i guess i could improve my mental check list of things to do before a weld.

…and the planets weren’t lined up properly, the cat ate the canary…


I don’t think Glopal will take the critique of the weld quality personally. In his previous thread about the handle he said he took it to school and had a welding student do the welding.

I like the use of the adjustable clamp to attach the handle to the boom. That will allow you to experiment with different angles for the handle. A little adjustability in a handle is a good thing.

Thank you John, yes, it wasnt me who welded it, this is what the student told me:

“The reason the welds look like crap is because you are supposed to use a tig welder to weld stainless steel, I used a mig. But it is a rock hard weld”

Whether he knows what he is talking about I dont know?

that handles rockin!, i’m thinking bout gettin into cokering, so we’ll see.

Evan your handle blows, its a death trap waiting to happen, nothing beats a reeder.


Yep, you’ll hear it once again, that handle was real nice! I wish I had ideas like that, but I only make unoriginal things for my unicycle (at least it was MADE by me, not BOUGHT by me):