Is it normal for my hand to hurt from holding on to the handle? Is it something that gloves will take care of? Is it cause I’m doing something wrong? I it something that I just have to get used?


Well with all that information…

Could you be a bit more specific?

well, my fingers are the main thing that hurt. The joints feel kinda sore/stiff and the skin feels raw. I’m guessing that its something that will go with time, if that makes any sense.

It will go away in time, if not, then worry about it.

It happened with a few times, when I finally got a seat with a handle it started to hurt, when I was learning unispins, and when I switched to SIF.

Its just your muscles and stuff getting used to the pressure and stressed caused from unicycling and how you are holding the seat.

Cody, don’t pull on that handle all the time just because it’s there and you can. (Been there, done it.) You don’t even have to hold it all the time, but even if you do, then only pull wit appreciable force if there is a need for it, so when climbing/jumping etc.

Thanks for the advice.

  1. I only hold the handle when I am hopping.

  2. I have also noticed that the inside of my hand is sore/bruised on the the inside knuckle part.

I had this before - it will go away…
I posted a thread and some people just paid me out and said i was being soft… there is nothing wrong with being concerned about something like this, my fingers were swollen and i thought they were broken.
My advice… take it easy for a week and then get back into it:)

Thanks for the reply. There is no way I would be able to go a week without without unicycling. Especially since I just got my new uni. But I am going to Oklahoma all next week so I don’t really have a choice.

i just got a dx like 2 weeks ago and i had a bruise on my hand also. I wondered if it was normal and apparently so. Mine has gotten better now after about a week.

I didnt say go without… just take it easy:D
Well, you few people who paid me out… read and weep! There are others out there that wanted answers!

Bring it w/ you.

I brought my 24" DX and 16" CX on the plane w/ me to Boston and back. ( put them in a 26" bike wheel box in w/ the luggage.

i sugest kh pulse gloves. i got the red ones and they are AMAZING. helps with al the stiffness and rawness…

Yes, they rock! I use these too.
Keep your hands nice and warm too:)

Kh pulse are very good, after a while when falls become less and your hands are used to the punishment bike gloves are a cooler alternative for some types of riding.

i agree. fly gloves are good when you are better.