Hand WW<<help

im having some trouble with my hand wheel walking. Right now i’m setting up along a wall just to get situated. 1 hand on the wheel, i let go of the wall and start doing the wheel hand walk motion. My feet are resting on frame. I can’t go for very long. Anyways, i always fall to one side, and tip over. which way should i be leaning if any>? Any tips?

Hey I wouldn’t suggest trying to learn that way (holding on to a wall) as you don’t have any forward momentum going into it. The way I learned to do the actual the hand ww is this:

  1. Start with the seat under you (with the wheel in front).
  2. Place both hands on the wheel like you are doing a hand ww (your feet should still be on the ground).
  3. From that position, “jump” both feet at the same time to the frame and start hand wwing forward.

Doing it this way, will really help you figure out how the trick feels without having to worry about the transistions. When you are getting comfortable with the trick, I’d say the easiest transition into it (at least for me) is from really slow 1 ft riding.

I can make a video tomorrow of that mount if are confused at all.

Hope that helps.

Thank you, i will try that. Momentum would probably help a lot. I will work on it.

keep the hands going nice and smooth

I learned it, that you have the seat as far under you, so your stomach is sitting on top, but get the seat wayyyyy back on your stomach, then just lift your feet up use them to balance and do it.

I tried it that way and almost fell on my face.

I was unable to determ wether you atempting with feet on frame (I asume) or legs extended (I recommend).
That last variant is easier cause you can use your legs as extra option to make corrections (just like a cat is using it’s tail).
It’s the same difference like coasting feet in/ext.

From that position you can start in the open, and not from a wall.
Once you’ve archieved the skill a bit you can start learning the transition (from SIF).

Regardless of what variant you are going to practise, post your progress please.

will do :slight_smile: