hand wheel-walking

Can anyone describe how to begin hand wheel walking? On my 20" it is not
possible for me to reach the wheel unless I become a great deal more
flexible than I am now, or try a hand ww from seat-on-stomach. On a 24",
though, I can reach the tire while still sitting. Sould hand ww be easier
on a larger wheel?

How fast do people go when hand wheel walking? I presume it’s pretty slow,
but how slow, say, compared to foot wheel walking?

What is the preferred method of transition into hand wheel walking? It
doesn’t seem very reasonable to start out from a wall, since unlike most
tricks, I can’t afford to hold onto anything before starting.

Jeff Lutkus

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I have been working on this trick for the last three months. I still can’t start without support. I have found a pole or low fence works best because you are bent over so far.

I ride a 24". I wouldn’t even be able to reach on a 20". I think girls can do it on a 20" but I wouldn’t suggest a guy try it.

The best way I have found to start is to push on the wheel one handed to get going and then switch to two hands.

I have found that the faster you go the better. Doing the trick really messes up my balance. I’m more inclined to fall side to side than forward backward.

This is by far the most painful trick I’ve ever attempted. The only way to get this one is to try it hundreds of times. I don’t know if it’s worth it.

Good luck.