Hand Wheel Walk a womens trick?

Im learning handwheel walk for level 8? and damn id forgot why I hadnt done it for a while its really uncomftable and most time wind myself while doing it and when falling off. Is this just me or is it a womens trick?


Lots of men have mastered hand wheel walk, though it is a hard trick. You can do it with both feet on the crown or with your feet dangling free.

Oh i know i can do it, its not that it can hurt while doing it.


I put my feet on the crown and my stomach on the seat.

I do it by sitting on unicycle normally and basicly leaning forwards and have both feet on frame and hand wheel walk.


it isnt that hard, but i agree with trev its well uncomfortable. i tried it on my chest/stomach and that was ok but a bit winding, then with both feet on the crown and sitting but thats just bad and potentially painful,

i think its more accessible to women but no unatainable for men lol,


No, hand wheel walk is definitely not just for women. It’s lots of fun- one of my favorite tricks. I learned the stomach on seat variation back when my best trick was one-footed wheel walk, so I’ve been doing it for quite a while. I learned the variation sitting on the seat about six months ago, when I got my new unicycle with the KH saddle. It’s uncomfortable at first, but once you get good at it, it doesn’t hurt at all. Try experimenting with various positions to keep your weight off sensitive areas. Sometimes it helps to sit way back on the saddle. Also, try it on a 24" unicycle if you have one available. It’s easier since you don’t have to lean down as far. I think the sitting on seat variation is actually easier than stomach on seat, too, even though you don’t have your legs free to balance. It feels more solid. The stomach on seat one tends to give me a headache, since I can’t breath properly while doing it. The one that is really uncomfortable is sitting on the seat with your feet out. Ouch!

For some tips on how to do it, check what I wrote here You may have to scroll down aways to find the hand wheel walk section.
Here is a video of me doing it sitting on the seat, and here is one of Leo Vandewoestijne doing it stomach on seat.

Have fun learning!

Yes it is easyier sitting on the seat and leaning down I think ill just have to get used to it. Considering i havent practiced and i can do 5 metres everytime aint bad and 15 metres if im lucky. Its still a awful trick i like my new mastered trick backwards ww better its cool :slight_smile:


how do you ww backwards. i tried it but my feet kept getting in the way.

I call that trick (er… skill) “the nutcracker”. I have retired that trick and no longer do it. The trick is to rest the front of the seat on your abs, so that only the abs are touching the seat, but falling the wrong way can cause some pain.


You kind of need your feet to do it, so you have to find a way to deal with them. WW backwards is hard because you use relatively weak muscles (your hamstrings), and you have to pull the wheel with a force perpindicular to its surface, giving you poor traction.

I think the keys are to practice going slow, and practice the foot action so your feet don’t touch each other. This trick is a slow one at best, so you need to be able to balance and really low speed. It took me a long time to learn it; quite a bit longer than ww forward. Be patient.

I think backwards ww is easier to learn barefoot, because you have better grip and less tangling of feet. Also lean forward a bit.

Reach with your heels as far as your legs can extend, then pull the wheel toward you. Let go when your toes are near the frame. You’re getting your feet tangled because you’re not reaching out far enough. Think ‘heel-toe, heel-toe’.

Hand ww:
Most of the guys in TCUC who learn hand ww shift back in the seat before leaning over to rest the front of the seat on the abs. It may help to turn the seat around, so you’re putting your weight on the wider part of the seat.


Jsm i dont know what trainers you use but mine give me plenty.

So before i lean downwards i have to move my body? doesnt sound like a good transition :stuck_out_tongue:

Nutcracker yes a nice name for the trick.


Yes, at first you have to “re-arrange” yourself before you can hand wheel walk. To see what I mean, watch what the guy in the second video down on this page does before doing hand wheel walk feet out (one of his last tricks, but the rest of the video is interesting). I am now able to lean down without doing this and hand wheel walk without pain (feet on frame, my feet out hand wheel walk is still in the early learning stage), but I’ve practiced it a lot, and I ride a 24" wheel, so I don’t have to lean down as far.